July 1 - July 7, 2002

Skopje, July 8th, 2002

Security and political situation

Limited patrolling completed.
In the Tetovo villages of Poroj, Dzepciste, Germo, Vejce, Semsevo, Ozmoriste, Palatica and Trebos, the limited patrolling of the ethnically mixed police patrols was officially completed. This means that conditions for 24-hour patrolling of the police in these villages were fulfilled, which marks the completion of the process of reintegration of all 72 populated places in the Tetovo area. Out of 142 localities included in the Plan for redeployment of the police, the reintegration has been completed in 140.

Suspect for molesting of workers last year arrested.
As the Ministry of Interior reported, the main suspect for molesting of and kidnapping of the four workers of the "Mavrovo" company last year was arrested near the village of Vratnica on July 2.

The border crossing of Blace de-blocked.
On July 3, ethnic Albanians blocked the border crossing of Blace in a sign of revolt for the detaining of three former NLA fighters. After the completion of the pre-trial procedure, the Ministry of Interior liberated these persons, after which the border crossing was de-blocked.

The villagers of Tanusevci returned to their homes.
On July 5, ethnically mixed police patrols escorted by international representatives entered in the Skopje village of Tanusevci. A group of villagers also entered in the village and they decided to stay in their homes.

The number of foreign monitors for the elections to be increased.
According to the Office for democratic institutions and human rights, 750 short-therm and 50 long-therm monitors are due to arrive in Macedonia. The Macedonian police and the NATO foxes will take care of the security of the OSCE monitors during the parliamentary elections.

Patten calls for free elections.
On July 3, during his stay in Macedonia, Euro-commissioner Chris Patten called the Macedonian politicians to provide fair and peaceful elections in September.

President of the State Election Commission known.
After the consultations with the parties-signatories of the Framework Agreement, Macedonian president Boris Trajkovski appointed Mirjana Lazarova-Trajkovska for President of the State Election Commission on July 3. Her deputy will be Safet Aliu, judge in the Supreme Court. The political parties-signatories of the Framework Agreement, ought to suggest the other SEC members in timeframe of five days.

Parliamentary elections in Macedonia scheduled.
On July 4, Macedonian assembly chairman Stojan Andov signed the decision for scheduling of parliamentary elections on September 15.

Ahmeti's party registered.
The Democratic Union for Integration was registered as 60th political party in the country. Its president is Ali Ahmeti. Officials from the Trial Court in Skopje say that the party had all necessary documents for registration.


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