National Humanitarian Coordination no. 28


29th Co-ordination Meeting
9th May 2002


1.Overview/update by the Chair
2.Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
3.Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
4.Update of UN activities, OCHA
5.Update on local NGOsí activities 
6.Update on international NGOsí activities (International NGO Council)

Overview/update by the Chairman
Mr Boge Cadinovski welcomed the group reminding them to regularly send activity reports to the Centre for Crisis Management, to have overview of the undertaken humanitarian activities and avoid possible overlapping.

There is an impression that activities are scaled down in the period when all efforts are focused on the IDP return and assistance in food distribution, shelter and reconstruction, and seed distribution should be intensified.

UNHCR agreed with the Chairman and noted that all coordination mechanisms should continue as well as the funds raising efforts to cover the necessary humanitarian activities.

OCHA informed the group regarding the UN Country team funds raising activity for clearance, reconstruction of damaged houses cat 3 & 4, as well as provision of agriculture inputs, as these issues were some of the impediments for IDP return.

Overview of the activities of the Macedonian Red Cross and ICRC/IFRC
ICRC reported that food distribution was completed in the villages of Opae, Alashevce and Lukare. The food distribution in the village of Brest is ongoing.

The process of de-registration, conducted by the MRC, is ongoing, and decreasing of IDP number is expected. Only persons with damaged houses cat. 3 & 4 will be eligible for IDP status.

Update by other UN Agencies & Donors
UNHCR supports freedom of movement with 12 bus lines in the crises areas. The 2nd phase of the shelter programme is ongoing, and plans to repair an additional 600 Cat. 1 and 2 houses that will cover all damaged houses in these two categories.

UNICEF has finalised rehabilitation of eight schools, out of the nine committed.

WHO reported that ARCís medical mobile teams are working in the villages of Matejce, Nikustak and Slupcane. WHO furnished the ambulantas and the basic equipment is due to arrive soon. After the rehabilitation of the ambulanta situated between the villages of Lojane and Vaksince, another mobile team will be deployed. WHO will assure all the necessary working conditions as it did for the above mentioned ambulantas.

Discussions with IRC for provision of additional 4 mobile teams to be deployed in Aracinovo, Radusa, Lojane and Kumanovo are on going.

Update on UN activities, OCHA
The transitional process is ongoing and the sector groups, including new one (Community projects, Legal framework and Economic recovery) are meeting on a biweekly or monthly basis.

Update on local NGOsí activities
Nothing to report.

Update on international NGOsí activities (International NGO Council)
International NGO Council informed that together with the Open Society Institute Ė Soros and the Local NGO Coordination, designed a project to obtain local inputs on national goals and strategies in support of the Transition Framework.

The process will start on 15 May and end with a National NGO Congress in October.

Returnees from villages of Tearce and Dumanovce requested food distribution by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

The Chairman asked food enough for 2-3 months to be distributed to all returnees.

UNHCR highlighted the need for coordination, emphasising the importance of this meeting with suggestion National Humanitarian Coordination to follow the meeting schedule of the sector groups that are held bimonthly or monthly, and next meeting to be held in June.

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